Big Bear Theatre Project – Video Log

“Almost, Maine”

First Read-Thru
Mar 4, 2012

We just wanted to let you in on what went on during our first Read-Thru of Almost, Maine. This will be our Premiere Production going up in April. You’ll find all the information in the video and on the first page of this website.

We really want to thank the Masonic Lodge of Big Bear Lake for all the work they’re doing, and for all the support of our new endeavor here. We believe that Almost, Maine will be the perfect way to innaugurate the new “Masonic Lodge Theatre” they’re creating.

We hope you’ll all join us for this Premiere Production of the Big Bear Theatre Project and see for yourself what a little gem Almost, Maine really is. It’s a great show and we intend to deliver a great performance for your enjoyment!

Enjoy the video … and we’ll see you at the show!




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  1. I have posted your shows on our site. FYI 🙂
    Please feel free to come to one of our meetings and tell the group about your projects.

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