Brian Adams

Brian Adams is the Assistant to the Director and plays Footman in THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST.

1) What has drawn you to be involved in theatre?

I have always been moved by compelling storytelling. Theatre, in my opinion, brings together all the necessary components to create story experiences that touch the soul. I am drawn to theatre because it does that; it touches the soul. I am convinced that theatre is at its best when it reaches inside a person and stirs. It may stir laughter, tears, questions, resolve, or contentment. When it does that, people have an opportunity to evolve and become better.

2) What do you like most about the character you are playing or the job you are doing for The Importance of Being Earnest?

I love feeding my obsession with being organized by channeling my mother. So, creating lists, schedules, files, and documents appeases that appetite. But, more than that, I like doing a job that allows others to do their best. Beth and I have collaborated on various performance projects for almost two decades (seriously?). It always proves to be a wonderful process. I enjoy supporting the creative process whether on stage or off. Also, I believe it is important that artists experience as many aspects of theatre as possible – creating well-rounded, empathetic project participants.

By the way, I recently found out that I have a non-speaking walk on role as the footman. Watch for my 30 second foray into the complexities of Oscar Wilde’s wickedly funny mind.

3) What qualities do find most admirable in a person?

Empathy, flexibility, a sense of humor, resourcefulness, and tenacity.

4) What is your comfort food?

Sourdough peanut butter toast

5) Describe your greatest accomplishment.

Realizing that my children are two of the most amazing creatures on this earth.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST runs November 20-24, 2019 at the Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center.




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