Beth Wheat

Beth Wheat is the director of THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST and also plays Ms. Prism.

1) What has drawn you to be involved in theatre?

The ability to share stories in such a creative and visceral way is very compelling to me and I don’t believe any other medium can offer the communal experience of theater. It brings people together for pleasure and provocation. I love it.

2) What do you like most about the character you are playing or the job you are doing for The Importance of Being Earnest?

When directing, I love the early process of seeing the play in my head and then how layers and layers are added on as you line up the cast, imagine the sets and costumes, collaborate with various designers. It is the ultimate creative process. As for Miss Prism, she is the ultimate imposter (who lurks within all of us) and Wilde’s exaggeration of this human phenomenon is great fun to play with. The highlight will be sharing the stage with such lovely and talented people.

3) What qualities do find most admirable in a person?

Compassion, curiosity and courage.

4) What is your comfort food?

I have a lot of them but right now I’d have to say muffins.

5) Describe your greatest accomplishment.

I can’t really claim them as accomplishments but my sons are incredible people – responsible, loyal, compassionate and witty – a joy to be with. I am so grateful for them every day.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST runs November 20-24, 2019 at the Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center.




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