Diaries of Adam and Eve | Big Bear Theatre Project| Steve Gaghagen

“The Diaries of Adam and Eve”
… Mark Twain’s Hilarious & Heartwarming Take On
Men, Women, Creation … and Snakes!

“The Other Room”
Friday, Jan. 23rd

The Big Bear Theatre Project presents “The Diaries of Adam and Eve” – A Mark Twain reading by Steve Gaghagen at “The Other Room”, 1116 West Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear City, CA … Next Door To “No Name Pizza”.

“The Diaries of Adam and Eve” is a “mashup” of two hilarious pieces by Mark Twain, “Extracts From Adam’s Diary” (1904), and “Eve’s Diary” (1906). One of Big Bear’s favorite stage performers, Steve Gaghagen, has combined these two brilliant Twain offerrings and come up with an original and fun “Concert Reading” that gives us a “Twain View” of the Battle of the Sexes, Creation, Life, Death and some important stuff as well!

Steve has recently performed “Diaries” for a capacity crowd at the Friends of the Big Bear Library. Now, by popular request, the Big Bear Theatre Project is presenting this return engagement with some major improvements … beer and wine!

Join Us At “The Other Room” For Twain, Gaghagen,
Beer, Wine … and PIZZA!

Join us for one performance only … January 23 … for a hilarious and heartwarming evening!

Seats are limited … AND CHEAP … so reserve yours NOW!

Admission: $5 per Person

Tickets are available at No Name Pizza, By Phone, and at the Door!

The Other Room – 1116 West Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear City, CA

No Name Pizza (For Tickets) – 1114 West Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear City, CA

Phone – (909) 585-4840




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